1. What do I buy?

Each donation needs to include a grocery store gift card (any amount you choose) that will allow the family to purchase fresh vegetables, meat, milk, etc. Please only buy non-perishable groceries.

2. Why can't we buy fresh fruits or vegetables or bread?

The food is not picked up on the day you deliver it so it may wait in an office for a few days before the family can pick it up.

3. Who delivers the food to the families?

The families pick up the food from the case manager or it is delivered by the case manager if the family cannot make arrangements.

4. Where do the families live?

The families live throughout Boulder County.

5. How do we get the food to you?

There will be options to deliver it to the FSS office (in Boulder). Dates and times to dropoff food at FSS will be provided at a later date.

6. Can I involve my neighbors or co-workers?

Yes! Do this as a family project or with co-workers/neighbors. If you share the project with others you can either sponsor a large family or sponsor a few families.

7. Can we request a certain family size?

Yes. Please let me know the size of family you would like to sponsor and I do my best to match your request.

8. What type of food do I buy?

Quality is more important than quantity. Families like to give their families healthy foods! Thanksgiving type foods: Canned vegetables, stuffing, pumpkin pie mix, rice, etc. But you can also get creative and buy whatever you want. Many people buy peanut butter/jelly, tuna, pudding, macaroni & cheese. Think in and outside the box! Don't forget the gift card!

9. Do I get to meet the family?

No. Although the families are very grateful (they will write you a thank-you note), the food is picked up from the case manager.

10. Is my donation tax deductibe?

This Thanksgiving Project does not have 501c3 status and although FSS does, they act only as a conduit for the food to be given to their clients so tax receipts can not be distributed. This is a completely volunteer and altruistic opportunity. I hope that works for you. It's also possible that they'll hand you a receipt at dropoff.

11. Is FSS affiliated with an organization?

Yes. FSS is under the Boulder County Housing Authority.

12. I don't have time to shop. Can I donate a gift card for the family to use for groceries?


13. How much will I spend?

Each donor does it differently. Some spend more on groceries and less on the gift card or vice versa. Some buy tons of groceries for a small family and others a small amount on a large family. It is up to you and your budget.

14. Can I find out more about FSS?

Yes. Visit www.fssbouldercounty.org