Food Insecurity on Campus

What is 'food insecurity' and why should any of us really care? Well, the way I see it, food insecurity is just a fancy way of saying, "there's not enough to eat." Estimates vary across the country. Some reports say as many as 45% of the students at university and college across the U.S., experience food insecurity. Some reports estimate a lower number. I say, any number is too high and for me, it's an equity issue. I feel strongly that if you get into college, you need food to finish your degree. Ask to help out a student. You can either contribute cash directly to the Volunteer Resource office at CU that they'll use to buy campus dining services meal cards or you can purchase a grocery store gift card for $75.00 and I'll make sure it gets to the right people. More to come about future visions and plans! You can also click here  to either give a one time gift or even better, set up a reoccurring donation. I love this option!