The Thanksgiving Project 2.0

How to be of service in 2020.

*All options are tax-deductible.‚Äč

#1.There With Care (TWC)

TWC serves families with a child facing a critical illness like cancer, a baby in NICU, a child waiting for an organ transplant, and more recently, families with a child who has been admitted for serious or life threatening psychiatric situations. They could be living in temporary housing or could be a local family who has experienced job loss due to COVID-19 or because caring for a critically ill child is a full-time job. These families are at high risk for COVID-19 and the children are immunocompromised. Please go to There With Care and click through to Donate where you will see Support Holiday Care Programs. Currently 36 families are in need. Please share with your network.

#2. Community Food Share (CFS)

I have set up a fundraiser with CFS. Our team fundraiser will allow you to donate by putting food in your cart and then you'll effectively be donating the equivalent in cash. Your dollar goes three or four times further than if you'd just gone shopping. I know. It's exciting. Who doesn't love when their money is well spent? Here is the link. You can opt to just give cash or choose food items (or both!) you'd like to buy for CFS. I've set an ambitious goal but I know we can do it. Their need has TRIPLED. Due to COVID-19, there is less food to rescue so they are purchasing more. They are serving 40+ agencies (offering free food) which allows those agencies to do what they do best. And, they are serving people who have been affected by the wildfires this year. Let me cap it off by saying they also serve the university community which is a community we served last year through the Thanksgiving Project.

#3. Detroit Friendship House (DFH) (specifically Hamtramck, Michigan)

You read that right? Detroit baby! We're spreading love and cheer and cash far and wide this year. If this year has taught us one thing, it's that we need each other and we're all in this together and every other cliche you can come up with. Here's a very short visual video of their work and reach. DFH serves the town of Hamtramck. 49% of Hamtramck lives under the National Poverty Line. The town median household income is $23,609. That's annual income. Do you need more data? The state's median household income is $50,803. DFH not only provides free food, they provide 12 week free cooking classes which culminate with a trip to the grocery store to learn how to shop economically. They also have a children's garden that provides free access to healthy produce. 90% of their population equally serves 4 major groups; Arab, Asian, Eastern European and African American. In addition to all that goodness, they have holiday and Thanksgiving Programs. This is an amazing opportunity for us to be of service in the broadest sense possible. Here is the direct link for giving. If you choose this option, once you've chosen your dollar amount, you can choose to 'Honor' someone and then type in 'Thanksgiving Project' where it asks for name or group and then type 'donor' for relationship option.

* As the law allows. Always check with a tax professional to learn what and how to donate responsibly. I am not a CPA or lawyer nor do I operate a non-profit. Basically, you're a big kid and need to know what works for you.