The Thanksgiving Project 

How to be of service in 2022.

*All options are probably tax-deductible.‚Äč

#1.Family Self-Sufficiency Donor

Choose this traditional option and you will be matched with a specific family here in Boulder County. 

#2. Detroit Friendship House (specifically Hamtramck, Michigan)

You read that right? Detroit baby! We're spreading love and cheer and cash far and wide this year. If these past few years have taught us anything, it's that we need each other and that we're all in this together and every other cliche you can come up with. Here's a very short visual video of their work and reach. DFH serves the town of Hamtramck. 49% of Hamtramck lives under the National Poverty Line. The town median household income is $23,609. That's annual income. Do you need more data? The state's median household income is $50,803. DFH not only provides free food, they provide 12 week free cooking classes which culminate with a trip to the grocery store to learn how to shop economically. They also have a children's garden that provides free access to healthy produce. 90% of their population equally serves 4 major groups; Arab, Asian, Eastern European and African American. In addition to all that goodness, they have holiday and Thanksgiving Programs. This is an amazing opportunity for us to be of service in the broadest sense possible. Here is the direct link for giving. If you choose this option, once you've chosen your dollar amount, you can choose to 'Honor' someone and then type in 'Thanksgiving Project' where it asks for name or group and then type 'donor' for relationship option.

#3. Grocery Store Gift Card for University of Colorado Boulder Community

Super easy option. Buy a grocery store gift card in ANY amount that works for you. Send it to me. I will deliver them to the best person on campus. in 2020, we contributed over $3,000 in grocery store gift cards.

* As the law allows. Always check with a tax professional to learn what and how to donate responsibly. I am not a CPA or lawyer nor do I operate a non-profit. Basically, you're a big kid and need to know what works for you.