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Peggy has been in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program for 4 years moving towards her educational and career goals. Peggy learned about the FSS program through Boulder Housing Partners and, at that time, was working 2 jobs to pay her bills. Peggy had struggled with alcohol in her past but when she joined FSS she had been maintaining her sobriety, was involved with AA and was working to have her son returned to her home. She was considering returning to school to finish her Bachelor’s degree and to obtain her CAC I. Peggy had been in school before so had a number of college credits that she could build on to reach her educational goal. Within the first year of the FSS program, Peggy was enrolled in school full-time, was working one job and her son was back in the home. Peggy has a daughter and a grandson who look to her for emotional and financial support. Peggy is a role model to her daughter who is currently enrolled in school and working towards her own degree.

In the past year, Peggy has graduated from college with her Bachelors in Human Services and a CAC I. She has been working in the legal system with offenders, building up her CAC hours and being a support to her family. Peggy has maintained her sobriety and was a guest speaker for a local treatment facility because of the growth she has done over the few years. Peggy is looking ahead to the future and would like to locate full time employment with benefits, apply for graduate school and be a homeowner. She has resilience, strength and sense of humor which has helped her through some tough times over the years. Peggy is determined to be self-sufficient and has demonstrated that she has the ability to reach that goal.